How to Clean Ugg Boots

How to Clean Ugg Boots At Home Without Chemicals

How to Clean Ugg Boots At Home with a few easy steps. Do you love your ugg Boots? If so, you will apparently want to keep them in good condition. However, your Boots will inevitably get dirty, even if you try your best to prevent it. Fortunately, after viewing this article, your ‘how to clean ugg Boots’ days are over, and you understand that it’s possible to clean your favorite Boots without hurting their integrity or artistic appeal. Beneath, you will find step-by-step directions for completely conditioning and washing your Ugg Boots.

Supplies You Need:

Luckily, it isn’t very expensive to clean your ugg boots. You’ll probably have the best deal when you order an Ugg Care kit with a sheepskin protector, sheepskin cleaner, sheepskin freshener (all 4 oz. bottles), and sheepskin brush from This box will cost around 20 dollars and is a must-have kit if you want to maintain your uggs.

  • Coldwater
  • Soft sponge
  • The standard brand Ugg sheepskin cleaner and conditioner
  • A damp Cloth 
  • The official brand Ugg sheepskin protector spray

How to Clean Ugg Boots in 7 Steps

  1. First, you should rinse the outside of your shoes with the cold water from your basin. Do not under any conditions, soak your shoes in the water. Sinking the Boots will result in a loss of shape that cannot be repaired.
  2. Next, mix equal amounts of Ugg sheepskin cleaner with water. This will dilute the mixture to a more appropriate concentration.
  3. With a sponge, apply the water/cleaner mixture to the exterior of your Boots and rub it smoothly. The foam should form on the surface of the Boots.
  4. Rinse your Boots gently with cold water. Again, be careful that your Boots don’t get too watery.
  5. Once you have rinsed the Boots, fill them with paper cloths to maintain their shape. Since they will be more important with the moisture, they will be more likely to bend and lose their structure. Filling them with paper towel prevents this problem. Also, some of the moisture coming through the walls of the Boots will be absorbed by the paper towels.
  6. After you have stuffed your Boots with the paper towels, place them in a dark, cool place to air dry. It will take almost 24 hours for the Boots to dry completely.
  7. Once they are dehydrated, spray with Ugg sheepskin protector spray to prevent stains and water damage.

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